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Why You Should Never Trust Caller ID Information

By October 29, 2012

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Did you know that faking Caller ID information is as easy as using a long distance calling card? Scammers, hackers, and pranksters are using Caller ID spoofing services to try and mess with you, scam you, or steal information from you by convincing you that they're someone other than who they really are.

In this week's featured article, Why You Shouldn't Trust Caller ID, we'll learn how scammers and others are using spoofed Caller ID information to scam people out of millions of dollars with pretexting scams such as the 'Ammyy Scam'.

Have you been the victim of a spoofed call. Let us know in the comments section below:

November 7, 2012 at 6:44 pm
(1) fran says:

Yes I have been a victim of spoofing going on three years.
This person (mentally disturbed probably)has been calling my number and hanging up every day. I have over 100 spoof telephone numbers from all over the place. You can never find out who the caller is or what the real telephone is, but I got lucky and good detective work and found out who it was but still no real phone number. I have his name and address. When I went thru all the numbers to see if any matched I found one number that was there on the list twice. I decided to call that number and it was a collection agency that was trying to collect a debt from him. They asked me if I knew this person and of course I did not. They gave me his name. He sent my phone number to this agency and they in turn called me. So now I am going to file an injunction against harrassment in the courts. The FTC has just recently had a seminar on how to stop these robocalls and spoofing number where they are used to harrass people. So I will be waiting for something to happen.

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