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Book Review: Hiding In Plain Sight

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Hiding In Plain Sight

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent book for those new to or just becoming acquainted with steganography. It introduces the concepts and techniques in an easy-to-understand way and includes tools and source code.
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  • Very good book on the subject of steganography
  • Fictionalized stories provide real-world examples
  • CDROM included with steganography tools


  • May not be techie enough for stego experts


  • Well written book provides a great background of steganography as well as where it is going
  • Fictionalized stories provide a look at how steganography has been used by good guys and bad guys
  • Talks not only about the concepts, but gets into detail on how you can secure your own data
  • Contains a CDROM filled with steganography tools you can use with your own data
  • Appendix contains source code you can look at to help you create your own tools

Guide Review - Book Review: Hiding In Plain Sight

Not knowing much other than the definition of steganography before opening this book I found it very easy to read and very informative.

Eric Cole has a background in working with hidden data and his experience is translated into a book that even users new to the concepts of covert communication can understand. The fictionalized stories of actual events help the reader to understand how these tools are used every day by both the good guys and the bad guys.

The book covers a basic history and background of cryptography and digital watermarking as well as steganography and then gets into more detail about the techniques and concepts of "stego". It does provide source code, but may not be "meaty" enough for steganography experts.

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