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Intuit Apologizes For "TurboHacks"


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Earlier this year I wrote the article below regarding Intuit's inclusion of product activation and spyware in their flagship tax preparation software program- Turbotax.

I had been an avid annual purchaser of Turbotax. I never really fully utilized the ties with its sister personal finance program Quicken, but I found the software to be fairly self-explanatory and easy to use. I had never tried the other tax programs because I never had a reason to- I liked the one I had been using.

However- I, like most customers, did not appreciate the extra hassle of the product activation that was added to the 2002 tax year version of the product. I can't fault the company for trying to stop piracy of their property, so I might have let that slide. But, when I learned that there was also some sort of spyware installed to monitor and block the functionality of my CD recorder drive I decided to scrap the program and used H&R Block Taxcut this past year instead.

Intuit has published an open letter of apology in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today to let their customers know that it was a mistake and that they won't do that again this year. They actually officially dropped the concept in May, but with the next version of the software soon to hit the shelves they felt that not enough of their customers had gotten the message. You can read more about that on this Yahoo News article: Intuit Apologizes to TurboTax Customers .

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