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Hacker Technique & Defense Books
Guide picks
Book reviews of books on hacker techniques and how to defend against them.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
Jon Erickson has written a superb book. It picks up where others in this field leave off- providing in-depth coverage of various vulnerability types and how to analyze the vulnerabilities and create your own exploit code.

Counter Hack Best of the Net
Counter Hack: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses by Ed Skoudis is an excellent book that anyone wanting to learn more about hack attacks and securing against them should read.

Hack Attacks Revealed
A detailed text of the hows and whys of what hackers do. John Chirillo has made a career out of helping Fortune 1000 companies secure their networks against hackers and now he wants to share that knowledge with you so that you can protect your networks as well.

Hacker's Challenge 2 Best of the Net
Hacker's Challenge 2 is a must read for anyone in network security. After you've read all the Hacking Exposed and other books about the tools and tricks used by hackers, Hackers Challenge 2 will help you put that knowledge to the test to figure out 19 security incidents.

Hacking Exposed - 4th Edition Best of the Net
This latest release of the respected Hacking Exposed series is a must-read for anyone involved with computer or network security.

Steal This Computer Book 3 Best of the Net
Steal This Computer Book 3 by Wallace Wang offers a comprehensive, humorous and insightful look at personal computer security and some of the tools and techniques used by hackers. Everyone should read this book.

Stealing The Network: How To Own The Box
Stealing The Network is an excellent book. It uses fictitious short stories to illustrate how blackhat hackers think and demonstrate how and why to use various tools and utilities. Definitely worth reading.

The Happy Hacker - 4th Edition
The Happy Hacker - 4th Edition may have something to offer a novice, but overall the quality of the content and the writing is inferior to other books in this same category.

Hacking Exposed- Windows Server 2003
Joel Scambray and Stuart McClure have written another brilliant addition to the Hacking Exposed line. Filled with the latest attack techniques and the methods and tools you need to defend yourself. Excellent book!

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