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S: Network Security Books Starting With The Letter "S"

Book reviews of network and computer security book reviews sorted alphabetically by title. This section contains books starting with the letter "S".

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure: Secure Your Home Network and Protect Your Privacy Online is an exceptionally well-written and clearly understood book. It is slightly out-dated, but still a worthwhile read.

Secure Coding Principles and Practices
Secure Coding Principles and Practices is a short book written in non-technical terms. It covers the concepts and theories of secure coding without being stuck on one programming language. A must read for anyone involved with writing code or managing those who do.

Securing VoIP Networks
A review of Securing VoIP Networks (Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures) by Peter Thermos and Ari Takanen from Addison-Wesley Professional publishing

Security Assessment
Book Review of Security Assessment- Case Studies for Implementing the NSA IAM by Tim Dykstra, Greg Miles, Ed Fuller and Russ Rogers from Syngress Publishing.

Security Planning and Disaster Recovery
This book is an excellent beginning for anyone who is new to security planning or disaster recovery and can also serve a valuable resource for CIO’s and IT executives to understand the why’s and how’s of information security.

Security+ Certification for Dummies
A review of Security+ Certification for Dummies by Lawrence Miller and Peter Gregory. This is a good book for someone who is preparing to take the exam.

Security+ Prep Guide
If you are preparing to take the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, this is one of the best books available to help you.

Silence On The Wire
A review of Silence On The Wire from No Starch Press. This book, by security expert Michael Zalewski, provides in depth details about the amount of information that can be extracted through passive scanning techniques.

Spies Among Us
A review of the book Spies Among Us: How To Stop The Spies, Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals You Don't Even Know You Encounter Every Day by Ira Winkler from Wiley Publishing.

SQL Server Security
Chip Andrews, David Lichtfield, Bill Grindlay and the crew from NGSS have created a wonderful resource for anyone responsible for securing and administering a Microsoft SQL Server system.

SSCP Prep Guide
If you are preparing to get SSCP certified the SSCP Prep Guide can help you make sure you're ready to pass the examination.

Steal This Computer Book 3
Steal This Computer Book 3 by Wallace Wang offers a comprehensive, humorous and insightful look at personal computer security and some of the tools and techniques used by hackers. Everyone should read this book.

Steal This File Sharing Book
A review of Steal This File Sharing Book by Wallace Wang, author of the popular Steal This Computer Book (now in its 3rd edition), from No Starch Press publishing.

Stealing The Network: How To Own The Box
Stealing The Network is an excellent book. It uses fictitious short stories to illustrate how blackhat hackers think and demonstrate how and why to use various tools and utilities. Definitely worth reading.

Surviving PC Disasters, Mishaps, and Blunders
A review of the book Surviving PC Disasters, Mishaps, and Blunders by Jesse Torres and Peter Sideris from Paraglyph Press

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