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Tools and Utilities Commonly Used to Hack Computer Systems

Information and advice about tools and applications commonly used to hack computer networks and systems as well as how many of these tools can be used to proactively protect your computer network as well.
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What Hackers Don't Want You To Know About The Tamper Data Firefox Add-on
Tamper Data might just be one of the best kept hacker secrets. Learn what this innocent-looking browser plug-in can do and why web application developers should worry.

BackTrack: The Hacker's Swiss Army Knife
BackTrack is a free security audit toolkit comprised of hundreds of open-source security tools used by both security professionals as well as hackers. Did I mention that it's free?

Insecure.org Top 100 Network Security Tools
Fyodor, creator of NMap, polled the readers of the NMap-Hackers mailing list for their favorite or most useful tools. With 3,243 readers responding, the Top 100 Security Tools list has been created.

Rainbow Tables: Your Password's Worst Nightmare
Rainbow Tables may not sound like something sinister, but they are your password's worst nightmare. Rainbow Tables are yet another hacker tool in their ever growing arsenal. Don't let their cute name fool you, these things are scary.

Free Introduction to Security Tools Course
An email course to provide you with basic knowledge about network security tools and what applications such as packet sniffers and port scanners are used for.

Hacker Defense Tools and Utilities
This is a listing of software to help you secure and protect your computer from various sorts of malware or malicious hacking attempts.

Introduction to Firewalls
An article on the basics of firewalls- what is it? how does it work? Talks about firewalls as the first line of perimeter network security to restrict access to your network.

Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
A brief article introducing the concept of intrusion detection, how it works and how you can use it to help secure and protect your network.

Introduction to Packet Sniffing
Packet sniffing can be used for legitimate network monitoring and troubleshooting. However, in the wrong hands packet sniffing can also be a powerful tool to gather information to help compromise your network.

DriveShield Plus
A review of the home computer protection software, DriveShield Plus, from Centurion Technologies.

Introduction to Port Scanning
Port scanning can be used to "test the waters" so to speak of your computer or network security. It is equivalent to casing your house to find out if the doors or windows are locked. Read this brief introduction to port scanning to understand the risks and learn what you can do to help protect yourself.

Introduction to Vulnerability Scanning
A brief introduction to vulnerability scanners and how you can use them effectively to detect and eliminate holes in your network before they are exploited by the bad guys.

Introduction to Wireless Network Security
A short article to provide you with the basics you should know about securing a simple wireless network.

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner: Missing Bells & Whistles?
Nessus is a very powerful vulnerability scanner, but being open source it is missing some bells and whistles that management and administrators look for. Does that mean you should revert to using a commercial scanner?

Port Knocking
Kids often develop a secret knock to get into the neighborhood clubhouse- two knocks, a long pause, 1 knock,a short pause and then 3 quick knocks- voila! You're in!! Network administrators and malware authors are now using a similar concept to open holes in the firewall and allow connections from remote devices outside of the firewall.

Useful security tools/utilities for System administrators
William Henderson has collected a number of useful tools for keeping a network secure. Note that this list is in no way exhaustive. Some of the tools are difficult to find, so you can download them right off this page.

Security Tools Software - KnowledgeStorm
Offers free research of security tools software. Find B2B security applications such as DbEncrypt, CyberCop Sting, and PortalXpert Security.

Securityware Computer Security Products
Manufacturer produces computer security devices. Providing PC security locks, laptop security tools, computer cable locks, lock downs, and more.

Software Magazine - Making Sense of Your Security Tools
Reviews e-Security's Open e-Security platform console and its ability to give users a visual system overview. Addresses breaches and alerts.

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