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Basic Computer and Network Security

Articles, news and editorials on computer and network security, new technology and information security legislation. Plus categorized tips and information by operating system to help you secure and protect your system.
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How to Test Your Facebook Privacy Settings
Are your Facebook privacy settings working as intended? Here's how to test them:

10 Things You Should Never Post On Social Networks
For your safety and the safety of your friends and family, avoid posting these 10 things on any social networks.

Facebook Security - 5 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook
5 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

Google Parental Controls
Check out these tips on how to make Google a little safer for your kids to search

How to Safely Recycle or Sell Your Old Computer
It's time to get rid of your old computer and get a new one. Let's review a couple of things you need to do before you chuck that old paperweight of a PC.

DIY iPhone-controlled Home Security Camera for Less Than 100 dollars
How to setup a iPhone-controlled home security camera system for under $100

Fight Cybercrime
Security Tips and Tools to help your fight back against cybercriminals

Data Remanence Security
That file you thought you deleted may still be on your hard drive even though your directory listing says otherwise

Who's Following Your Child on Twitter?
Do you know who's following your child on Twitter? Here are some Twitter privacy and safety tips to help keep you and your family safe.

Facebook Security, Safety, and Privacy
All you ever wanted to know about Facebook Security, Safety, and Privacy but were afraid to ask.

Give The Gift of Network Security
Looking for the gift for the person who has everything? How about you give them some network security peace of mind? Check out these network security-related gift ideas:

How to Make a Strong Password
Tips to make your password really hard for bad guys to crack

In Depth Security
In Depth Security. Using a layered approach to network security provides better protection. An attack that compromises or bypasses one security layer will be detected and blocked by another.

Computer Security Myths
An article discussing the myths, hoaxes, and chain letters that plague and confuse computer users.

Stealth Yourself - How to Stealth Yourself Online
Tips to make yourself digitally invisible online to remain anonymous, avoid targeted advertising, online stalking, and other invasions of privacy.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Laptops For Airline Travel
Recent terror threats have led to a ban on laptops being carried on certain airline flights. Those who need to travel with their laptop must check it as luggage. These tips will help you secure and protect it so that both it, and the data it contains, arrive at the destination safely.

Reset Passwords With Administrator Account
If you can't remember your Windows XP password and even the password hint isn't helping, you can use an account with Administrator rights to reset the password so you can once again access your account.

April Fool's Day Computer Pranks
April Fool's Day is the annual day to celebrate pranks, jokes and mayhem. This article explores some of the background of this tradition and how it has spread to a variety of computer pranks you should watch out for.

How to Hide Your Facebook Posts From Your Mom
Let's face it, when your mom joins Facebook and becomes your "friend", the party is over. No more swearing in your posts, no more posting pictures of your drunken escapades, no more sharing videos involving feces slinging monkeys. No more fun. But wait, It doesn't have to be this way! Let's take a look at how to block your mom from seeing...

Are You Breaking The Law?
Many states have passed or have pending legislation to expand on the federal DMCA bill. These state Super-DMCA laws are worded broadly and seem to imply that everyday security measures could be against the law.

Beware Hurricane Katrina Scams
In the wake of a tragedy such as the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, many people search for ways to contribute and help. Unfortunately, many people search for ways to capitalize on the tragedy for malicious intent and they often target those who are searching for ways to help. You need to be cautious and stay on your guard to avoid falling prey to a Hurricane Katrina scam.

Blaming Technology For Human Error
Blaming Technology For Human Error is an article about placing the blame for security breaches where it generally belongs, on the people who administer and use it, and about not relying on technology as a holy grail to fix the flaws in the weakest link of the security chain, humans.

Comodo Provides RegistryPro with Security Features
Information and press release from Comodo regarding new .PRO domain extensions for professionals such as doctors, lawyers and CPA's.

Counter-Hacking: Savior or Vigilante
Is it self-defense or "reasonable" force to counter-hack infected systems and attempt to clean them or force the infected process to shut down? How should the Internet community respond to this threat?

Counter-Hacking: The Sequel
Senator Hatch sparked controversy with comments that he would support remotely "destroying" computers found to be repeatedly downloading illegal software.

Creating Secure Passwords
A password is the main line of defense used by most people to secure and protect their computer systems and data. This article will teach you how to choose passwords that provide solid protection.

Desktop Search Tools Don't Pose Real Security Risk
Google recently released a desktop search utility similar to the X1 desktop search tool I reviewed a few months ago. Microsoft and Yahoo are promising similar tools coming soon. These tools are very handy and make searching for information much more efficient, but they also pose some security concerns that users should be aware of.

Disclosing Exploit Code
When security researchers find a vulnerability, and the vendor has been notified and created a fix- the vulnerability is made public and often the exploit code as well. Security researchers are now wrestling with the ethical implications of this practice.

Encrypted News Groups
EncryptedNewsGroups.com has a tremendous amount of information and articles to help you learn more about using your computer and surfing the Internet while maintaining your privacy and security.

False Sense of Security
Home users are migrating to broadband, 24/7 connections to the Internet without the basic knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and the rest of the Internet from the security risks that exist on their computer. This false sense of security is bad for everyone.

Foundstone Acquired By McAfee
Security and antivirus vendor McAfee announced plans to purchase vulnerability management and training firm Foundstone for $86 million. This brief article shares some insight on the purchase from Foundstone co-founder, President and Chief Technology Office (CTO) Stuart McClure.

Free Computer Security 101 Course
A free course to teach you the basics of computer networking and how to use the computer and the Internet safely and securely.

Hacking Exposed Chat Session
The chat session with Hacking Exposed authors George Kurtz and Stuart McClure (Joel Scambray could not attend) was a success. To read more about the session and the complete transcripts of the chat click here

Industry Teams Up To Prevent Buffer Overflows
AMD and Intel are incorporating "Execution Protection" technology into their next-generation processors which, in conjunction with changes that will be implemented in Windows XP Service Pack 2, will move to block buffer overflows and eliminate them as a security risk.

Interview With Ed Skoudis 2006
A new, 2006 interview with Ed Skoudis, author of Counter Hack Reloaded and Malware: Fighting Malicious Code.

Interview with Ed Skoudis
A question and answer session with respected information security author and SANS Institute lecturer Ed Skoudis.

Interview with Eric Cole
After recently reading and reviewing the book Hiding In Plain Sight, I managed to catch some time with the author Eric Cole for an interview.

Interview With Gary McGraw, Co-Author Of Exploiting Software
An interview with Gary McGraw, Chief Technology Officer of Cigital and co-author of Exploiting Software.

Mea Culpa or Tu Culpa?
Recent worms such as SQL Slammer and MSBlast have taken advantage of known vulnerabilities for which patches were available. Who should ultimately take responsibility for securing the Internet against such threats?

Microsoft Monoculture
From a security perspective, Microsoft products frequently have flaws and vulnerabilities which are targeted by virus and worm writers to create havoc throughout the Internet. But, is Microsoft itself bad for security?

Microsoft's New Antivirus Partnership
Microsoft announced the formation of VIA (Virus Information Alliance) in partnership with Network Associates AVERT and Trend Micro TrendLabs to collaborate on research and cooperate on communicating new virus threats.

National Strategy to Protect Lobbyists
The Bush administration asked then Cybersecurity Czar Richard Clarke to put together a plan to secure cyberspace. Unfortunately, politics got in the way and lobbyists won out over common sense. The resulting document was largely useless and remains unimplemented and ineffective in securing the Internet. Should the government try again?

Passwords: Do Not Use Real Words
One of the main tips when creating passwords is to not use any real words, or close approximations of real words, because they are more easily guessed or cracked by password cracking tools.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networking Security
A tutorial article providing tips to use peer-to-peer (p2p) networking sites such as BitTorrent or eMule safely and securely.

Personal Firewall Day
Microsoft, TruSecure, Zone Labs and a handful of other software and security companies have declared January 15 to be Personal Firewall Day in an effort to increase awareness and improve security among the home users of the Internet

Researchers "Stumble" Onto Mystery Trojan
After weeks of suspicious TCP traffic all with a window size of 55808 but no means of tracing the packets back to the source security researchers have captured and analyzed a new Trojan which may be a harbinger of more ominous things to come.

Security Through Obscurity
Security through obscurity operates based on the assumption that if hacker techniques and vulnerabilities were kept secret your network would be safer. Read why this model doesn't work.

Storing and Remembering Passwords Securely
This article examines the challenge of trying to remember the passwords and usernames to a wide variety of sites and applications and discusses the tools available to help users securely store and remember their passwords

Ten Tips to Prevent Identity Theft
It seems like almost weekly a major security breach is announced involving the compromise of hundreds of thousands or even millions of customer's personal information. The reality is that most identity theft is actually very low-tech and it is up to you to guard your own identity. These ten tips will help you protect yourself from identity theft.

The Secret Passage: Securing Remote Network Access
Remote network access opens a backdoor or secret passage to the corporate network that is difficult, if not impossible to secure and protect.

Using MySpace.com Safely
Viral networking sites that allow people to share personal information and link to other people with similar interests or backgrounds, such as MySpace.com, may be a privacy and safety concern, especially for parents of young teens.

Virus Writing 101
The University of Calgary will be teaching some students how to write viruses. Some of the security community vehemently oppose sharing this knowledge and would prefer to practice security through obscurity when it comes to virus defense.

Your Right Of Privacy
There is an assumed or implied Right Of Privacy in the United States. Many think it is rooted in the Constitution, but not without a good deal of interpretation. There are many statutes and regulations that guard personal information, but security and privacy generally come at the expense of freedom and convenience. It is up to you to make an educated choice about where you want the balance to be.

Zero Day Exploits: The Holy Grail
An article about zero day exploit vulnerabilities and how to protect yourself and your computer by your Guide, Tony Bradley

Protect Your Social Network Accounts and Mobile Devices
This site is dedicated to security of mobile devices such as smart phones, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, tablet computers, etc.

Protect Mac OS X
This portion of the site is devoted to all aspects of security of OS X

Protect Windows
This site will guide users through the security topics related to Microsoft Windows operating system.

SCAP - What is SCAP?
Definition of Security Content Automation Protocol

How to Build an iPhone Accessible Pet Cam
We all hate leaving our pets at home while we're at work. What if you could check in on them whenever your wanted from you iPhone or Android? I'll show you how to make a low-cost Pet Cam for less than $100

Secure Windows and Mac
Tips and other information on how to protect you Windows PC or Mac

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