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Pop-Up Ads and Spyware Security

News, articles and information to protect your computer from intrusive pop-up advertising and potentially harmful spyware and adware.

How to Remove Spyware From Your PC
Are you convinced that you have spyware or adware running on your computer? Learn how to detect and remove spyware from your PC.

Top 5 Anti-Spyware Products 2009
With today's threats it is harder and harder to draw the line between spyware and viruses and browser hijacking and other threats. It seems like attacks generally blur the lines and use mutliple methods to spread and to compromise systems. Many anti-spyware products and functions have simply been absorbed into more comprehensive antimalware products.

Below is a list of the 5 best products ai…

5 Steps To Protect Yourself From Spyware
5 quick and easy steps you can follow to proactively protect yourself from spyware and adware as well as how to detect and remove it once it's on your system.

Annoying Windows Messenger Service Pop-Up Spam
An article on Windows Messenger Service pop-up spam by your Guide, Tony Bradley

Don't Close That Pop-Up Window!
Pop-Up windows often appear to look like normal message windows. Users may feel that simply clicking "No" or "Close" or clicking on the "X" in the upper corner of the box are sufficient to make it go away. But, doing so may unwittingly download the very malware you are trying to avoid.

Free Pop-Up Ad and Messenger Service Spam Blocking Software
Free software and utilities to block pop-up advertising including blocking the Windows Messenger Service spam that pops up even when you are not browsing the Web.

Free Spyware and Adware Detection and Removal Tools
Free spyware removal tools and utilities to help you block, or at least detect and remove spyware and adware that can infest your computer and bog it down severely and may even perform malicious functions like capturing your passwords.

How To Analyze HijackThis Logs
HijackThis is a free and powerful tool you can use to analyze your computers Registry and files on the hard drive to identify components of spyware or browser hijackers. This How To, which is the official tutorial from the HijackThis web site (http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/htlogtutorial.html), will show you how to interpret the information generated in the HijackThis log file.

Stop Pop-Ups
Tips and tools to help you block pop-up ads while browsing the Web. Using these techniques can help you to reduce or eliminate pop-up ads and other Web-surfing annoyances.

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