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What Is NetStumbler?:

NetStumbler is a tool which allows you to detect and identify wireless access points. It can be used for a variety of wireless network troubleshooting purposes, including:

  • Test and verify wireless network functionality
  • Detect other networks potentially interfering with yours
  • Locate and identify rogue access points within your network
  • Help aim and place antennae for maximum wireless coverage

What Is Wardriving?:

Wardriving is an activity done by driving around with a wireless network-equipped laptop or other computing device to locate and catalog wireless networks or access points. It is often done using a GPS (global positioning satellite) device so that the precise coordinates of each access point can be logged.

Why Beggarware?:

Well, freeware is free and shareware comes with a price tag. Beggarware lies in between. It is free from a technical perspective, but the authors would greatly appreciate a donation if you keep and use the software.

NetStumbler Download:

You can download a copy of NetStumbler here:

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