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Step-By-Step Configuration for McAfee Internet Security Suite Antivirus


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The Main Security Center Console
McAfee Internet Security Suite

McAfee Internet Security Suite Main Console

The main window of the McAfee Internet Security Suite 2005 (v 7.0)provides a good overview of the current state of your system's security.

On the left side are buttons to allow you to view, change and administer the various products that make up the Security Suite including the virus software, personal firewall, privacy protection and spam blocking services.

The central portion of this main console window provides a graphic representation of the state of your security. Green bars with text illustrate the level of protection. The middle section specifies whether or not the Windows Automatic Update function is enabled and the bottom displays the McAfee security products that are enabled.

If there are any current threats in the wild that are ranked as Medium or higher in terms of their criticality, a message is displayed on the right side of the console to alert you. You can ensure that your system has the most current virus definitions by clicking on the link under the alert that says Check for McAfee Updates or by clicking the Updates link at the top of the console.

To begin configuring the virus protection, click on virusscan on the left side of the console and then click Configure VirusScan Options.

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