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Tutorials and Classes To Help You Learn Computer and Network Security

Tutorials and classes to help you learn various aspects of computer security.
  1. Computer Security 101 (tm)

Free WiFi Security 101 Course
A free 4-day email course to give you the fundamentals you need to secure and protect your wireless network from unauthorized access.

Free Introduction to Security Tools Course
This course will provide a brief overview of various security technologies such as firewalls and vulnerability scanners. It is a 6-part course. Each lesson comes with a quiz and there is a Final Exam at the end to test what you have learned from the course. This course is free and the lessons will come to your email inbox each day.

Free Computer Security 101 (tm) Class
If you are totally confused by the technology, terminology and acronyms associated with information security this class is for you. This is a 10-part course plus a Final Exam which will be sent directly to your email each day. Click here to sign up and begin.

How To Enable Security Auditing in Windows XP Pro
In order to track things like when there were failed or successful logon attempts or when a new user account was created or an old one deleted you need to enable the various auditing features in the first place.

How To Configure Internet Explorer Security
This tutorial will help you customize Microsoft Internet Explorer security settings and configure it to protect you and your computer from malicious code.

How To Disable Active Scripting
Many worms and viruses take advantage of vulnerabilities in the way Microsoft Internet Explorer handles Active Scripting. Follow these steps to disable Active Scripting on your PC.

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