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What is a Malicious Bot?

Is your computer acting strange or extremely slow? Are you receiving unsolicited SPAM e-mail messages or instant messages with links to shady websites? Welcome to the dark side of the internet bot world. Learn how to defend yourself with these simple tips.

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Help! My Browser Has Been Hijacked!

You just tried to Google something but instead of getting a Google results page, your browser takes you to some sketchy-looking search engine that you've never heard of. Your web browser has just been hijacked.

Tips For Securing Your Racy Photos

Did that sexy photo you just snapped get auto uploaded to your grandma's iPad without you even knowing it? Check out these photo privacy tips to help prevent future embarrassing mishaps.

Protect Your Privacy Using These Proxy Services

Are you tired of spammers, telemarketers, and other folks bombarding you with marketing-related junk? It's time for a digital bouncer to handle all of this. Learn all about proxies in this article:

How to Help Your Government Keep Tabs on You

If your government wants to spend millions of dollars to keep tabs on its own citizens, surely they have your best interests at heart, why not help them out, right? Here are some tips for making it easier for your government to keep track of you and some things that might prevent them from doing so.

How to Protect Yourself From iPhone Device Lock Ransom Scams

Worried about the new iPhone device lock ransom scams that are going around? Here's how to avoid becoming a victim:

Parental Controls For YouTube

Kids seem to be glued to YouTube these days. As a parent, it can be daunting to try and police the content that they watch. What's a parent to do? In our

Craigslist Safety and Security Tips

Craigslist can be both a fun and scary place. You never know what you'll find for sale, and you often don't know who is on the other end of that sale until you

5 Tips to Help You Land an IT Security Job

IT security jobs are still in high demand, especially given the fact that cyber crime seems to be a constant fixture in the news with data breaches becoming an

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the iPhone Lock Ransom Scam

There is a new scam sweeping through Australia and other parts of the world this week. Victims are having their iPhones locked remotely by hackers who

Are Your Employees Leaking Company Data on Facebook?

Did an innocent Facebook status update from one of your employees just leak company sensitive information that your competition could take advantage of? We'll show you how to prevent this kind of social media data leakage.

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