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How to Hide Your Facebook Posts From Your Mom

Using Facebook's Custom Privacy for Posts to Keep Mom Out of Your Business


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Let's face it, when your mom joins Facebook and becomes your "friend", the party is over. No more swearing in your posts, no more posting pictures of your drunken escapades, no more sharing videos involving feces slinging monkeys. No more fun.

But wait, It doesn't have to be this way! There are now privacy options that will let you hide your link, status update, photo, and/or video from individual people (e.g. your mom). The really cool part is that all your friends can still see your post, just not your mom!

Let's take a look at how to block your mom from seeing specific Facebook posts so you can start dropping those F-bomb laden gangsta rap lyrics into your status updates once again.

1. Choose either status, photo, video, or link from the "Share:" menu at the top of your News Feed or above your Wall on your profile page."

To restrict a status update from being seen by your mom:

2. Click inside the "What's on your mind?" field but don't start typing anything yet. You'll notice a little Padlock icon magically appears next to the "Share" button, below the text box you are about to type your status into.

3. Click on the Padlock icon next to the "Share" button.

4. Choose "Customize" from the menu that pops up.

The "Custom Privacy" pop up box will open and you will see an empty text box at the bottom of the pop up box with a red "X" and the words "Hide this from" next to it.

5. Enter your mom's name in the "Hide this from" text box. Additionally, you can enter multiple names, or if you have made facebook friend lists, you can choose one of your lists.

Alternatively, you can post something that only certain people can see by choosing the "Make this visible to" option at the top of the "Custom Privacy" option box. You would then choose the "Specific People..." selection and then start choosing which friends you want to have access to the post.

To restrict a link, photo, or video from being seen by your mom, it's basically the same process, with these small exceptions:

Links - You won't see the padlock icon until you click the "Attach" button. Once you click "Attach", a blank will appear where you can comment on the link. You must click the padlock before you finish entering your comment and before clicking the "Share" button.

Videos and Photos - After you choose between upload, record / take picture, or whatever option is available, you should see the padlock icon by the share button. Before you click share or upload the video / photo, click on the padlock icon beside the "Share" button.

Lastly, a warning. You may have prevented your mom from seeing what you posted, but don't forget about Aunt Myrtle. She and your mom call each other every night and she will rat you out in a second for saying something stupid on Facebook. Keeping up with who can see what can be tricky, and one slip up might cost you a friendship or get you knocked off the Christmas card list, or even worse, the Christmas gift list. Be careful out there.

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