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Web Browser Security Information and Resources

The Web browser is one of the most used, and most exploited, applications used by most people. This section is devoted to helping you understand the flaws and vulnerabilities of Web browser software and to help you use your Web browser securely.

Help! My Browser Has Been Hijacked!

How to Prevent Browser Hijacking

YouTube Parental Controls
Are you a parent trying to figure out if there are any parental controls for YouTube? We'll show you a couple of steps you can take to try and limit your child's access to inappropriate video content

Tips for Safer Web Browsing
Is your web browser the weakest link in your computer's security? Learn how to beef up your web browsing security here:

The Dangers of Short Links
Learn why you should think twice before you click that short link

Google Chrome Security
A brief overview of Google Chrome security features and issues. Google jumped into the browser market with the Beta release of Chrome. Learn about the security

Charter Communications Hijacks Windows Live Search Engine
Since installing Windows Vista, I have used the default Windows Live Search to do my web searches from the address bar of my Web browser. One day, instead of Windows Live Search results, I got Charter.net search results, 'powered by Yahoo!'

First Look at Internet Explorer 7 Beta

How To Configure Internet Explorer Security

Profile: Firefox 3 Security
This article provides a step-by-step look at the security features of the Firefix 3 web browser, with screen shots.

Profile: Firefox Web Browser

Step-by-Step: Disable Active Scripting in Internet Explorer
A step-by-step guide, with screenshots for visual aid, for disabling active scripting in the Internet Explorer web browser. Turning off ActiveX can protect your computer from malicious JavaScript, VBScript and other Active Scripting malware.

Zero Day Exploit of CHM Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Zero day Exploit Of msdss.dll Impacts Internet Explorer

How to Hide From Google
Is your personal information appearing in search results? Would you prefer to limit what Google shares about you? Here's how:

Internet Parental Controls Start At Your Router
Wouldn't it be nice if you could block a site so that your children can't get to it no matter what device your child is using to try and access it? Let's look at implementing parental controls at the router level.

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